Have you become too EXHAUSTED with traditional healthcare? Health is priceless, and you can't wait for months to see a doctor, only to talk to them for a few minutes, not to mention unclear costs and excessively high out-of-pocket fees...

Then Direct Primary Care(DPC) is the answer.

Easy access - cost-effective - transparent - and more!

Why choose DPC?

Savings: Even with health insurance, it's estimated that each individual is spending an average of $10,000 per year on healthcare. Those who participate in DPC are estimated to save about 90% of current medical expenses (including office visits, unlimited doctor consultations, access to wholesale drug prices, and tests...).

Cost Transparency: Worried about "surprise medical bills"? With DPC, you will know exactly how much you're paying (and it's definitely cheaper), providing control over your healthcare budget.

Accessible Healthcare: Even with health insurance, how many months does it take to see a doctor? How many minutes do you get to talk to a doctor? Is it a different doctor every time? With DPC, you see YOUR own doctor within 24 hours, each appointment lasting about 60 minutes, with no limit on the number of visits, and no restriction on continuous communication through messages, email, or phone calls. Healthcare begins with seeing your own doctor more often (with DPC: no limits).

Personalized Care, Your Way: Your own doctor, through unhurried, unlimited appointments and conversations, who understands you best in terms of habits, profession, personal interests, family and personal medical history, will be the most suitable person to provide you with the most fitting expert advice tailored exclusively for you.


Understanding DPC: "Too good to be true," we understand you might be thinking that way. There's no secret to DPC. We will help you explore, understand thoroughly, and answer all your questions and concerns about DPC.

Real Stories, Real Impact: Hear from those who have transformed their lives with DPC. Their testimonials speak to the power of personalized care.

Learn About DPC Services: While operating under the DPC model, each DPC doctor provides unique healthcare services. Learn about the comprehensive services DPC offers, from preventive care to chronic disease management, to personalized services tailored to your specific needs.

Finding a DPC Doctor: Discover the criteria and steps to find a DPC doctor that suits you. We will guide you on what to consider when choosing a healthcare partner that aligns with your needs.

Your Health, Your Future: Stay updated on the latest in DPC and discover how this model is shaping the future of healthcare.

"Exploring DPC is like finding a compass in the complex landscape of healthcare, helping me rediscover the joy of caring for others' health, as well as helping my patients rediscover the joy of their own and their family's healthcare."
Trung Pham, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine - University of Missouri Kansas City, USA

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